I thought I nipped my depression in the bud. But it just keeps coming back so easily and strong. Idk what to do


Why Timmy’s Dad hates Dinkleberg. In late 1979 Timmy’s mom was dating Dinkleberg, he got her pregnant just before they broke up. She didn’t know yet, Timmy’s dad always saw Dinkleberg as a rival, picking up his sloppy seconds he always wondered… Timmy’s parents got married quickly. In 1980 she had Timmy. This means that 10 year old timmy is a 90s kid and the entire show could easily be set in the 90s about 10 years before it 1st aired. In Abracatastrophy they show that Vicky is only Timmy’s babysitter because of that little white lie his parents made when he was a toddler, his parents wanted more time to spend with each other. Dinkleberg moved in next door so he could watch his son grow up, Timmy’s dad resents him for being Timmy’s real father and spends a good deal of his time trying to win Timmy’s affection hoping Timmy never finds out. Timmy’s Mom spends her time acting like they are a normal family and trying to save her marriage.

Timmy knows something isn’t quite right with his parents so he made cosmo and wanda his imaginary friends.

(This is a censored version of the theory, final theory involves mental disorders and Timmy on anti depressants and such and such)

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